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BahaDU List - HAVE FUN

Posted by Beth Antonoplos on


BAHA-DU List - 2019 Spring Break Edition - Have Fun!
We thought we'd share some of our favorite places to eat, and things to see and do from our virtual spring break tour...


DISNEY - Who want to spend time eating, we're riding Splash Mountain!

SAVANNAH - THE GREY - 109 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Savannah, GA 31401- Go for the modern take on southern cuisine stay to take in the art deco beauty of the space which is a 1930's renovated Greyhound bus depot. 

SEA ISLAND - THE GEORGIAN ROOM - 100 Cloister Dr., Sea Island, GA 31561 - It's nice to get dressed up after a tough day of lounging at the pool.  It's even better when dinner is at Georgia's only Fobes-Five Star restaurant.  The dining room is just as elegant as menu, which is imaginative and delicious. 

CHARLESTON, SC - ZERO RESTAURANT, 0 George St., Charleston, SC 29401 - In a city that boasts an embarrassment of riches when it comes to dining options it's hard to pick one favorite to recommend.  The highly seasonal, local and inspired menu coupled with the charming location in the Zero George, boutique hotel and friendly (but knowledgeable) service makes Zero an absolute must. Sit in the garden if you can. 

KAUAI - KAUAI ONO - Kuhio Hwy, Princeville, HI 96722 - A five-course meal, from a food truck at communal tables...BYOB...??? Yeah, I was skeptical too...however, the dinner we had here remains one of the best we've had in all of Hawaii. They even have a service on-line so your BYOB can be purchased and delivered right to your table - fantastic for tourists who don't want to run to the grocery on their vacation. It feels positively magical to sit outside (under a canopy) and feast on the bounty of Kauai.  




SAVANNAH - Forsyth Park - Drayton St. & W. Gaston St. Savannah, GA 31401 

SEA ISLAND - The Honeymoon Registry - A tradition that was begun in the 1940's has the registry of everyone who has honeymooned at The Cloister on Sea Island along with photographs of the groups.  

CHARLESTON, SC - The Calhoun Mansion - 16 Meeting St., Charleston, SC 29401 If you like watching shows about hoarders then this historic mansion tour is for you - you'll enjoy the architecture, if you can get over the extensive (and I mean EXTENSIVE) collection of Gilded Age artifacts that the current owner has displayed.  

KAUAI - The Na Pali Coast - depending on the time of year you can view from boat, hike or helicopter.  It's breathtaking and an absolute must if you're on the island. 



DISNEY - Soarin'

SAVANNAH - Ghost Tour - It's not called "America's Most Haunted City," for nothing.  There are a wide variety of options for taking the tours - walking, buses, hearses (eek!) whatever you prefer. The ghost stories range from spine-tingling to tragic.  

SEA ISLAND - Horseback Riding on the Beach - You can make believe it's your first one-on-one date with the bachelor du jour, lol! They have private and group options but it is a fun way to see more of the island and enjoy all the beautiful nature it has to offer. 

CHARLESTON, SC - Carriage Tour - Simply the easiest and most comfortable way to see all the historic sites and hear the fascinating stories of Charleston. 

KAUAI - Helicopter Tour - Unfortunately (for the motion sick) it is the best way to see all of the spectacular wonders of the island - from the lushness of the Na Pali coast to Waimea Canyon (the Grand Canyon of the Pacific) - lucky, non-motion sick passengers can look for wildlife or Mark Zuckerberg's house, lol!


We hope you've enjoyed virtually touring with us this week - we certainly enjoyed sharing our experiences with you.  Remember no matter where you go or what you do have fun and be happy doing you! 





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