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BahaDU List - Practice Gratitude

Posted by Beth Antonoplos on

BahaDU List – Practice Gratitude

There’s an African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  This week we had our second photo shoot and it is moments like these that we realize the vast number of people who pull together their time, talent and treasures to help bring Bahadu in her many forms to life. It really does take a village and we are thankful for the one that we have.

We’re grateful for Julie Stanley of Jule Images, LLC and her assistant, Patrick Hovan – their creativity and endurance help us make the most of our photo shoots.  Thank you for your patience and for somehow getting into our heads and knowing what we are talking about even though we know precious little about the art of photography.

Thank you to Kylee Nicole Cook for the hair and makeup you provided to make the team and our models look like the most beautiful versions of themselves.  Your attention to detail during the shoot was also very much appreciated, from fluffing hair to helping schlep props – thank you.

To our model, Erica Brei from The Talent Group, you were fantastic to work with and a dream to dress. We so enjoyed our afternoon with you. You truly embodied the spirit of our brand and conveyed exactly what we had envisioned for this shoot. Your ability to hike Hudson, OH in wedge espadrilles was also commendable and greatly appreciated. Thanks for making the drive from Georgia to be with us. 

To our literal village – thank you to our neighbors in Hudson, OH who helped to make this particular shoot extra special, especially, The Greenhouse Florist and The Grey Colt.  A special thanks to Stacy Clark for the use of her house for mid-shoot wardrobe changes, without you we could not have kept the day G-rated!

Mary Kay Modaffari and Petra Arbutina, our marketing consultants from Service Effect, thank you for all the expertise, insight and support you have provided to us from the very beginning of this endeavor.  

Lastly, a special thanks goes out to our husbands, who had to wear some extra “hats” this week in terms of keeping the home fires burning and kiddos and dogs on their schedules. 


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