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Be Happy Doing You – Health and Wellness

Posted by Debra Bish on

Be Happy Doing You – Health and Wellness

I run. 

Not because I’m especially good at it but because about 90% of the time I genuinely love it.  The other 10% I’m wondering why the heck I’m doing it and how I ever could have found this activity even remotely enjoyable.  

My favorite runs are the ones where the rhythm of my stride is akin to rocking a baby.  My motion creating familiar, soothing comfort.  It is in these runs I let my mind slip into a meditative or prayer-like state where with every foot fall my intentions are simultaneously pressing into the earth and the earth is answering me immediately by sending me upward and onto my next step.  In times of adversity or anxiety, running is my favorite form of self-care. Everything seems to fall away as I stride, heel-to-toe, pounding the pavement.  My breath evens out, my shoulders relax and my mind goes blissfully quiet and still.

My love of running wasn’t immediate.  It is something I grew to love like green tea, Instagram and Kathie Lee Gifford.  Now, I’m not saying all this because I think you should continue running until you fall in love with it I’m saying you need to experiment to find what you are happiest doing. 

My thing (for now) is running, your thing is probably totally different.  You could love gardening, swimming or watching Frasier on Netflix with your cat.   Those may be the times when your soul takes flight and you know you are doing a thing that makes your heart sing.  Those may be the times when you’re happiest doing you.

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