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Du List - Be Happy Doing You!

Posted by Beth Antonoplos on

Du List – Be Happy Doing You!

Hat Marathon

As a runner, I’m always trying to think of new and innovative ways to stay motivated (we all fight that battle, right?).  I love to treat myself to a new song on my playlist or a new piece of workout clothing. 

Lately, I’ve found that breaking my weekly mileage goal – 25 miles – into 4, 6.25 mile runs is the most manageable way for me to get my workout into my schedule.  Now that it is FINALLY warm enough here in the Midwest to pack away our knit running beanies I’ve transitioned to Bahadu’s athletic hats.  I’ve always run in a hat because I like to limit the amount of sun on my face.

One of the main reasons I thought Bahadu as a company was needed was because of the trouble I had finding running hats that fit my head.  I used to have to fasten the back of my “big brand name” workout hat with bobby pins so it wouldn’t come undone during my route.  If you’re anything like me somedays you don’t need one more thing (even if it’s hunting for bobby pins) standing in the way of, you know, just doing it! While it never stopped me from a run it was one more annoying step before getting out the door. I also found those hats to be bulky, I always knew I was wearing a hat.

Enter Bahadu athletic hats, they come in 3 adjustable sizes and are truly feather-light and they wash-up like a dream (that alone is extremely motivating.) They’re easy to pop on, come in great colors to coordinate with the rest of my workout pieces and are made from UV protectant material.

Now what I have been doing with my hats is this…I progress in color as I progress through my weekly mileage…as a visual indicator of how close I am to my goal.

What does that mean?

On my first run of the week, I wear a black hat – business time – getting it done, the next run I switch to grey – hey – 50% of the way to my goal – yippee!  The third run of the week, I wear my white hat – almost there and then the last workout of the week I wear a bright fun color.  In those moments when I may want to cut short that run I just glance up at the bill and know I’ve already come so far, and already have run so many miles to reach my goal that I can’t quit.

Is this somewhat silly? Sure, it is but it has helped to keep me motivated and it truly follows the Bahadu ethos of “being happy doing you!”  


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