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Inspirational Woman of the Week

Posted by Debra Bish on

At Bahadu, we believe that every woman makes a difference — and that’s why, in addition to designing hats exclusively for women, we wanted to create a community where women could recognize their unique value and celebrate their individuality.

Every Wednesday, we will share stories of women, both famous and not so famous, who are making a difference in their own unique way.


Three years ago on my 50th birthday, I went to the theater by myself (the first time I had ever done this) to see the movie Joy.

Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence as Joy Mangano, the self-made millionaire who created the Wonder Mop and built a business empire, left me inspired and motivated.

While the movie was a treasure trove of meaningful life lessons, the one that has really stuck with me was the scene where Joy is in a meeting with a large group of QVC executives including Neil Walker (Bradley Cooper) to pitch her Wonder Mop.

In the QVC headquarters boardroom, Walker gives an exhaustive overview of his lengthy resume, experience, and successful track record of discovering all the best products for QVC, complete with graphs and charts —and then basically tells Joy that her product isn’t going to cut it because it’s plastic, cheap and strange-looking.

Looking intimidated and overwhelmed but with all the confidence she can muster, Joy explains, “I don’t know anything about charts or business, but I do clean my own home and I made this mop because it is better than anything out there, and I am asking that you just give me a chance.”

WOW!!  I thought, You go girl, when was the last time Mr. QVC mopped a floor?

Joy proceeds to school Walker on the benefits of the Wonder Mop. It’s plastic so it’s light in your hands, and it’s 10 times more absorbent than any other mop because of the 300 feet of continuous cotton loop that she looped herself, which is an enormous amount of absorbent cotton on a very small mop head. 

After demonstrating her product by mopping an entire bathroom floor without wringing the mop once, she asks, “Would you take this mop that you just cleaned your bathroom floor with, around the toilets, that now has millions of germs —would you take this into your kitchen, where your family eats, where you feed your children? I take this mop head and I put it in the washing machine and it comes out clean, like new. You can’t do that with any other mop.” 

Walker, looking surprised but impressed, tells her to stop —and asks if she can make 50,000 mops by next week.

As women, we often question our value or what we bring to the table, but the moral of this story is we all have our own unique experiences, knowledge and value that we bring to this game we call life, and we do make a difference. Take pride in who you are, celebrate your individuality and Be Happy Doing You!

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