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Inspirational Woman Wednesday - Alison Peer Bowlick

Posted by Beth Antonoplos on

Alison Peer Bowlick was one of our early customers. I knew Alison from high school. I don’t think I’ve actually spoken to her since 1995 but thanks to the magic of Facebook we’ve been in contact via social media for many years.

Personally, I’ve always found Alison’s running posts to be very motivational.  She’s an RN/BSN Clinical Documentation Specialist and she and her husband are raising two children.  Amid all of this she still finds time to train, run and in some cases win races. 


Even miles apart it’s been inspiring to know someone who’s busier than me is getting their miles in and oh, btw, qualifying for B-O-S-T-O-N. (You know THE marathon, the holy grail of the running world.)  

I contacted her to thank her for buying a hat and asked her if she wouldn’t mind being featured as one of our Inspirational Woman Wednesday blogs.  She obliged and I’m delighted to share her running story with you today. 

Bahadu: How long have you been running? 

Alison:I've been running consistently since my youngest, Quinn, was about 3 years old. It was at that time when I knew I needed to start taking care of myself to be a good Mom as well as be healthy. I ran some in high school as well, but not the distance I do now.  

Bahadu: This is where I think about inserting Alison’s yearbook track picture but decide that probably wouldn’t be appreciated.

Bahadu: Why do you run?

Alison: I run to stay healthy, age is not friendly to women, especially as our metabolism slows. I also run as a stress reliever and for the comradery. There is nothing like a therapy vent session along with some miles!

Bahadu: Biggest running accomplishment or thing of which your proudest (in terms of running)?

Alison:2017 Glass City Marathon where I qualified for the Boston Marathon. This was my 4th marathon and I joke that the stars and moon aligned with perfect running weather and training that paid off. I qualified with a time of 3:38 on a goal of 3:45.

Bahadu: How do you balance training, working and family?

Alison:Running helps me balance work and family. I am more energized, focused, patient, and happy with running. I sleep better and it also shows my kids what a healthy lifestyle looks like.

Bahadu: What’s your #behappydoingyou?

Alison: Exercise isn't glamorous, but when I can find clothes and especially a hat that fits I feel amazing!

Bahadu: We didn’t even ASK her to say that, but we’re very glad she did!

Bahadu: Music or no music?

Alison:No music, I'm too busy talking!

Bahadu: Running buddies or lone wolf?

Alison:Definitely buddies, they are my second family.

Bahadu: Running necessity?

Alison:Belega socks, they are like my second skin

Bahadu: Post run snack?

Alison:Hmmm, nothing specific, but my pre run is Advocare Spark and Banana

Bahadu: Favorite race distance?

Alison:The challenge and accomplishment of completing a marathon does not compare to anything else. The half marathon is probably [my] favorite. It is hard, yet allows me to push myself and recover easier.

Alison, we here at Bahadu wish you the very best of luck next Monday, April 15th at the 122nd Boston Marathon. Have a fantastic run and enjoy every minute of it, you’ve earned it. Also, thanks for sharing your story and being an inspiring role model. 

On Monday we will be tracking Alison’s progress and giving updates on her progress on our social media platforms.


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