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Inspirational Woman Wednesday - Lindsay Gruber

Posted by Beth Antonoplos on

In 1984, I vividly remember going to pick up my First Communion cake with my Mom from “Chris, the cake lady.”  Chris had the ability to airbrush on frosting and it was the jam. 

I remember that cake not only because I went to retrieve it, or because of the lovely airbrushed pastel plaid but because there are more than a dozen pictures of me posed next to that cake. 

It was Julia Child who said, “a party without cake is just a meeting."

Cakes and their primacy are part of our culture.  They mark milestones and celebrations.  True story, there are no professional photos from my youngest brother’s First Communion but you better believe we’ve got a photo (or ten) of him next to the cake.  The “cake photo” is to celebrations what the newspaper photo is to hostage situations – it’s validating.  It happened, there was a cake. 

Enter Lindsay Gruber and her whole new generation of cakes. Lindsay takes reality and turns it into your cake fantasy. Do you love nachos? Lindsay can replicate them in a cake that looks identical to an order of loaded nachos. How about a “Tiffany and Co.” themed cake? Lindsay can color match to perfection and create a confection that will rival the famous “little blue box.”  Don’t even get us started on the conundrum that her “Skyline Chili” cake caused for our savory and sweet sensibilities. These cakes are also delectable and infinitely Instagrammable!

To see the images of Lindsay’s cakes is to believe in her brand of magic and her immense talent, creativity and ingenuity.  We witnessed it in a personal way when she created a very special cake to celebrate our new business venture. I mean for some it's seeing their name in lights for us, it was seeing our product in frosting! She made an exact replica of the Bahadu coral cotton twill hat.  Every detail from the color match, to the stitching, to our logo was true perfection.  And not only did it look fantastic, it tasted even better.

It’s hard to believe that she began her cake baking business just 7 months ago. To date, she’s in high demand, not only as a single mom of two boys under the age of 11 but she is baking between 5 to 8 cakes every weekend.  

This is one of the most rewarding outcomes of the recent launch of Bahadu. Meeting, learning about, and featuring inspirational women.  Women who represent all of us while expressing their own uniqueness by using their divine talents and gifts.  It’s women like Lindsay who inspire us and truly exemplify Bahadu and our ideology of "be happy doing you.”

**********************************************************************************************************You can check-out some of Lindsay's cakes on Instagram @gruberlindsay


Blog by: Debra Bish and Beth Antonoplos

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