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Inspirational Woman Wednesday x 2 - Mary Kay Modaffari and Petra Arbutina

Posted by Debra Bish on

For more than 25 years, Mary Kay Modaffari and Petra Arbutina were a key part of the success of the independently-owned advertising agency Brunner, where they both served as Executive Vice President and Partners. Through strategic and client service leadership, they helped grow the agency to a peak of nearly 200 staffers, $180 million in billings and recognition as one of the top 100 independent agencies in the nation.  

I met Mary Kay and Petra, 20 years ago when I hired Brunner as the advertising agency of record for the bank I was working for.   We immediately hit it off and went on to do some amazing work together.  Though in time I moved on to other career opportunities and lost touch with them, I always felt that someday we would work together again.

When I began working on Bahadu, I reached out to them and found out that they had recently launched their own marketing consultancy company, ServicEffect and upon hearing their vision and ideas, it was clear that this was going to be a match made in heaven. 

Mary Kay and Petra built their careers not just on impactful marketing communications, but on the human connections that make them happen and they have excelled in the competitive world of advertising and marketing by leading with their heart, an ideal that is not often embraced in Corporate America.  They believe that every company and brand has a soul— embodied by service and relationships that resonate throughout the whole company.   You can learn more about their company by visiting www.serviceffect.com

“Early on in my career, a seasoned professional that I had the utmost respect for said to me, if you always lead with kindness first, in every thought and in every action, you will reap the benefits ten-fold,” stated Mary Kay.  “Our mission at ServicEffect is to lead with our hearts, to do the right thing, and to create meaningful relationships that make a difference for the clients that we serve.”

I salute Mary Kay and Petra for demonstrating that you don’t have to give up your ideals to be successful and achieve your dreams – and I thank them for inspiring other women to follow their example. 


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